Sunday, August 9, 2015

Peep Show

          This is the first picture I happened to take in New York, on the way to the Museum of Modern Art, without knowing why. Until I zoomed in on it later, I didn't notice what the man with the enormous camera hanging around his neck was looking at. I think he is regarding a peephole at an ugly construction site. The feeling is one of unease because the peephole seems to be looking right back at him. 

          The peephole attracts him—the frame, not necessarily the view it affords. Doesn't he look a bit wary regarding the tiny window from a distance? All the windows of the building beyond peer back at him, row after ugly, unblinking row, though he's unaware of their scrutiny. Only that one window in the wall interests him. Or is he looking at the sidewalk grate? What's hiding down there?

          I have secretly taken a picture, through the window of a cab, of a man considering a peephole. 

          Now you look.

1 comment:

  1. I love how 'the' peep hole is perfectly lined up with a window in the distance.
    This also makes me wonder what is beneath those iron man holes in the side walk.
    I wonder what he is wondering about ... hands on hips.