Friday, August 8, 2014


Long ago, before memory, there was a single point of infinite energetic density. Because a point is that which has no parts or magnitude, we know it exists only in relationship 
to something greater. But there is nothing else: here is a point without context.

          Before separation—before the idea of it can be conceived, before anything—there is loneliness. Totality is unimaginably lonely, so terribly complete that separation is conceived, as a salve.

          Longing for companionship, the whole must divide itself. With the mightiest effort of
consciousness the whole splits, explodes into an infinity of parts and particles. An explosion of unimagined diversity.

          But now, like the singularity, each part of the whole knows only itself, longs, in its perceived isolation, for union with something greater than itself.

          In the way an amnesiac might experience homesickness, the yearning for separation and reunion emanate from one source, animating everything.


  1. Esotericism speaks of Love for God. The urge felt inside to reunite with the single source, the Father. The desire to become 'whole' again, after having become separated (Adam and Eve in paradise, before/after the apple).
    According to (real) Tantra, the human body has sexual power to accomplish this. Often misunderstood on the physical level (but still 'great'). Sexual power = creative power. If cultivated and directed properly, can be used for transformation on a non-physical level.

    1. This was written with the intention of providing an alternate (spiritual?) description of the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe. It could also have been Siva doing the cosmic dance or Sufi longing for reunion with the unseen Beloved ("who is closer to us than our jugular vein"). It must seem such a strange little piece of writing to most people, but the idea has been haunting me for a long time and it helps to get it out. The tantric version offers hope. xx