Monday, October 24, 2011

Deep Thoughts Before Heart Surgery

"Everybody's got a plan until they get hit in the mouth."
--Mike Tyson

To Do List:

1)   Clean the house so, in case I die, it's clean.

2)   Ask Julie if she can drive the kids to school tomorrow.

3)   Make beef stroganoff to fulfill Omar's dream of having it for dinner tonight; make potato soup so there's something good the next day in case I die and can't make dinner.

4)   Wash everyone's bedding so we start off with clean sheets in case I die and no one remembers to ever do laundry again.

5)   Make all the bathrooms sparkle so, in case I drop dead, people will think I care and admire me.

6)   Wonder why I can't be inspirational.

7)   Don't send $756 check for November health insurance payment, in case--

8)   Or do send it, cause it'll bounce, anyway.

9)   Make fun of Occupy Wall Street one more time, just because.

10) Take Leila to ballet at 5:30.


  1. Well ... my list would be the same!
    Why did I think IT happens on the 27th? Sounds like tomorrow is op day!
    You know what?

    I am not going to let you die, ok? No way are you going to leave us all!
    You will wake up like all those people who had the same op before you.
    And to prove it, I am quite serious about coming over to see yawl (and Ivan & Natalia WITH YOU) next summer.

    I now need to know when the op is and what time.
    BIG love and big hugs, Didasis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Tonight I'll get a call letting me know when to show up tomorrow morning.

    PS It's not really SURGERY (unless I'm implanted with a defibrillator), just a "procedure." No one dies of this (except me). Really, it's "routine." I'm just milking it.

    (Fucking petrified/slightly curious.)

  3. Yeah ... they love the term procedure don't they just! lets get real and just call it an operation. Who cares what the fuck it is called ... it is frightening of course.
    I need to know when you know, ok?