Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I Did Today

Today I did not get a job, but I had a love-in with Pablo.  It looked like this:

...and this:

I wonder, if I meticulously document examples of procrastination with photos and text, will it add up to a life of action?  How does a life of conscious procrastination differ from other lives?  When does consciousness lead to change and when is consciousness an end in itself?

Is consciousness without action enough?

I also didn't make it to the gym.


  1. even inaction is an are NOT doing something in particular, therefore you are resisting and that is an action.

  2. Hi, Jessie! This is so cool...I feel like I just welcomed a visitor into my brain! I so agree with you about resistance being a choice. I also wonder if our substitute-actions take on an important life of their own, maybe more important than whatever we're avoiding...But whateva, I still gotta get a job!!!

  3. I agree Jessie ...

    You think procrastination has something to do with 'shoulds' ?
    I 'should' do this or that ... an order by another person or our own conscience?

    'I SHOULD get a job' ... I should go on a diet ... I should write my chapter ... I should go to the gym.
    It has a kind of stubborn adolescent feel to it: fuck you, I will do it in my own sweet time!

    Ha! Or do you think procrastination is a form of CONTROL ...

    Back to your job ... I bet you can't for the life of you see ANY jobs that you can relate to or imagine doing .... no?

    I want you to start (in ernest) writing book reviews and sending them to papers and magazines ... like crazy! While you are doing that you work part time in that artsy fartsy shop in Princeton where I get (well ... you get) all my best earrings or in a book store.